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Director/Support coordinator – Fatima Mese

Having personal, lived experience of a disability, I can empathise and understand the challenges of people living with a disability. I understand the frustrations and isolation it comes with. Yet, I aim determined to live my life to the fullest and am focused on servicing others.

We are a small company currently growing in support coordination and support work.

My professional experiences in customer service management, disability employment services and a psychology degree has led to my passion for serving others. I have successfully held a position as a support coordinator and as a support worker in the NDis industry. Coming from a Turkish speaking background, I can speak Turkish fluently and understand how to support other culturally diverse participants. I can respectfully connect with others and have a natural sense of compassion for those living with a disability.

Top Grade Care
Top Grade Care

My Story

At the young age of 21, I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I felt very overwhelmed, and isolated of the uncertainty for my future. While my friends were just beginning their careers, I struggled with my health. I struggled to keep up with my daily tasks, responsibilities and appointments. Soon enough, it all became too much.
5 years down the track, the NDIS rolled out in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne in 2018. And so, the MS society connected me with the NDIS.

I didn’t understand what the NDIS was. I felt the NDIS was invasive, time consuming, filled with jargon and at times very confusing. During that time, I was approved my first plan but struggled to access the funding. When my LAC noticed I didn’t use any of my funding, she called me and asked why I hadn’t used it. I explained that I didn’t know what it was exactly for.

She explained that I could be eligible for supports, but I didn’t quite understand what kind of supports. By that time, I had already lost a year’s worth of funding. So, she clarified that I could use the money for physio and other therapies, hence I started from there and began using my plan for much-needed regular physiotherapy for pain relief. Living with MS means living in chronic pain so getting the required pain relief and building my strength again, meant that I was able to get my quality of life back. Next, I started getting a support worker who helped me with household tasks and running errands which meant, I wasn’t drowning in my never ending to do lists and appointments. NDIS changed my life for the better forever; I was able to achieve my goals and thrive again. I felt supported, accomplished and empowered to take control over my life. I felt like me again.

I understand special needs requirements and I am determined to make a difference, going above and beyond to advocate for my participants to get the right support that they need and help them achieve their goals. I am committed to helping my participants make the most out of their NDIS plans using their choice and control to thrive. So, I created Top Grade Care in 2022 to ensure that others with disabilities don’t have to face the challenges that I did.

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Based in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, providing services all over Melbourne.


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